Konyaku haki? Yoroshī. Naraba, fukushūda! Chapter 30

Raw: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n8337cv/30/

Author: Unagi

Edited by: Aki- sama

Special recognition to IlkatSumil for helping with some phrases,

(Party 2)

(Leticia POV)

The commotion in the hall had begun to change a moment later.

The whispers that had been fixed towards Leticia a while ago began to concentrate on Marianne-sama.

The King and the Queen, who noticed it, began to swallow their breaths.

“I see. Then, Marianne-sama. What kind of punishment do you think will occur from using magical power without permission with the intention of hurting others?”

“It can’t be….For there to be a punishment… It just, I was totally frightened at that time…”

Even if you cast that little ‘Aren’t I so nice?’ glances, there’s nothing ‘nice’ about getting locked up!!

“I see. Prince, what are your thoughts on this?”

“Marianne, who was the victim, should have the right to make the decision regarding to this.”

“I- I see. It should be decided by the victims as they please, huh?!”

…Ju-Julius-sama. You laughed a bit just now, right? You laughed at the remarks given by the Prince, didn’t you?

“Everyone, please look over here.”

Something was projected onto the wall using the power of magic.

“This was the data management on the use of magical power. If you attend this school, you should know about this. This is a magical tool that was used to keep data on those who used magic illegally and those who used it outside the classroom. To ensure the safety of the school, this tool has been installed since several years ago. The day Marianne-sama’s dress was torn apart and caused her to fall down, it was recorded that Marianne-sama was the only person who had used the magic outside the classroom.”

Doyodoyodoyo, the hall began to erupt with uproar.

“Wha- what is this?”

“At the same time, since that place is also a popular spot among students who use magic without authorization, an image recorder was installed there as well.”

“Ma- Marianne?”

The Prince began to take a step away from Marianne.

“I- I am the Duke’s daughter!?”

Marianne began to shriek.

“Leticia-sama is a lady from the Royal Family.”

Julius responded gently.

“I had devoted my magical power to the Royal Family! You cannot treat me like this–!”

Marianne began to tremble in anger.

Certainly, the magical power was indispensable to the country.

It was also true that Marianne-sama had contributed her magical power, albeit only as much as a sparrow’s tears.

They had to keep silent, as that power was one that determined their livelihood.

“Oi~ did you forget? You actually do not possess enough magical power. Isn’t that is why your hair is brown-colored?”

Marianne was surprised by the man who suddenly appeared  at the venue. His blond hair fluttered as he came into her sight. Despite his rough tone, he was somewhat an elegant man.

“What have you been talking about? I was in Class A, you know? At least I was better than that woman over there!”

When Marianne pointed her hand towards Leticia, that man’s expression changed.

“That woman over there, huh? He~ I see.”

That man began to walk towards Leticia.

“Didion, why is you?’

Leticia was surprised by Didion, who had appeared unexpectedly.

As they thought that the man was trying to harm Leticia, the Knights had begun to position themselves into a battle mode.

They tried to tell Leticia to get away from him.

However, instead of moving, Leticia was staring at Didion.

When Didion reached her, he swiped off her choker from her neck.

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T/N Then the not so cliffhanger…. Anyway, I already translated the next 8 chapters so there are only 3 chapters left to be translated, so we will be able to say good bye to this series (Presumably that there is nothing wrong at my end) soon. So shout your support to Aki-sama so that Aki will be power up to edit my haphazard translation.

On second notes, I already found the next story to be translated. It was 48 chapters long and the length for each chapter is just a little bit longer than this series? he..he…  anyway do watch out for it… Till then, stay healthy everyone.


49 thoughts on “Konyaku haki? Yoroshī. Naraba, fukushūda! Chapter 30

    1. When Marianne’s power was assessed (I assume before the switch) she had very low power. Perhaps the choker actually increased her power over the years.


    2. Perhaps she is the king by right of having the highest magic power – unless there is a rule that the king has to be male (wouldn’t be the first time someone forget to write down that rule).


      1. Also, I hate Luka for glaring at Letty at the balcony scene, For that matter Julius is included…… Didion saved/watched/protected/stalked? Letty since childhood…. Remember what that spy said, a man took care of anyone approaching Letty with ill intent….

        Liked by 3 people

      2. Dude… They already mentioned how Didion suddenly disappeared (retired) as Letty’s bodyguard (stalker bodyguard) and lived a slightly normal life until Duke hydrosa dragged hin out, he was the man mentioned being dragged away from a normal household which Duke hyrdrosa referred as (Kuro), and his wife doesn’t know a shit about his previous work or anything.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Wait that was Kuro, the one hired by Letty’s real Papa…… Didion was the one who talked/observed Letty growing up….. Becoz Didion was there, Kuro(the married one) had an easier job of watching/spying over Letty….. Tho he was scared shirtless when Didion snuck up on him unnoticed and let him off…..

        Liked by 2 people

      4. Kk, Didion was always beside Letty from her early monologues….. Tho according to Letty he was already considered a man when she was still a child….. Guessing from this Letty (16-18) and Didion is probably on (20+)….. Its very funny for me how the others nobody questioned Didion’s dedication on overseeing the collar of Letty…..

        Liked by 2 people

      5. Lel, sorry that so? They were different people ey.. So I was the one who misunderstood, lel. Thought they were the same person nd Duke Diogenes just gave Didion a nickmane. Still quite confusing tho’


      6. At first reading I thought the same, until it mentioned that there was one dude who never left Letty’s side (up-close stalker/watcher), then I was reminded that there was one dude who always talked/conversed with Letty, dissappearing from time to time (killing kidnappers/hoodlums/fishy dudes/assassins) then returning as if nothing happened…….
        Didion’s presence was considered a constant by Letty

        Liked by 3 people

      7. Yeah, but in the later chapters…. It proved that Didion was not some nobody…. He was able to use that secret computing machine, heck he knows who has he rights, he made that dress for Letty (when the mahine was supposed to be unaccessible)….. Lol and the King knows him…. There’s definitely a Back Story there…… But yeah, even if he was a Lolicon/Pedo regardless of physical appearances…… He was there when he was needed by Letty….. He delivered when it counted, compared to those attractive pricks that I so wanna punch….. So the option is only Didion or Single life….. So I chose DidionxLeticia… Well its still somewhat off putting

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  1. Wooww i knew it! It’s stange for Leticia just has a low magic power bcs she is from royalty. So the chocker hahaha serve you right prince!!


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