Genjitsuda to Nishiki shi teru Shojo (Rei perspective)



This story is from Rei Perspective.

Translator note: If you had come here first, please go back and read “Genjitsuda to Nishiki shi teru Shojo” first because this part contained major spoiler.

This is R-15. Not that explicit but it is a bit Yuri-ish (in the sense of mental rather than physical) So if you are uncomfortable with it, please do not proceed.


“Hai, Rei. A~n.”


I munched the fried egg, which was offered to me.

The taste slowly spread over my mouth and it was very delicious.

“Is it delicious?”


Sitting side way on my knee, with chopsticks and lunch box in her hand, was my lover and girlfriend, Shigeru Anra Yuki.

She smiled softly and happily at me. So cute.

Behind that cute, cute, cute, cute, cute Yuki, a battle was currently going on.

All of Yuki’s classmates were currently defending themselves from the assault by the attackers as they tried to capture their target.
I am a reincarnate person.

Moreover, I am the existence of the rival character of [Mahopuri], Minazuki Rei.

However, I did not know what God had been thinking off at that moment, but he had made me a man.

Because of the weird feeling I got from my crotch…. I had turn my gaze down and saw it. This led me to regain my past memory at the age of three

However, because I was weak, I have been wearing feminine clothes with the intention of helping me to become healthy.

Even the adult who had been participating in the party knew about my condition.


Even so, there was a character that I liked from this game.

Hikawa Ryo.

The first time I saw him, I was pleased to see the small version of Ryo.

I was so pleased until I realized something.

I did not fall in love with Hikawa Ryo as what was expected.

I was stunned myself.

Moreover, my gender was a male.

Therefore, it was impossible for sure.

Ryo, who did not know about my circumstances, ended up proposing to me.

I guess it was my fault for being ambiguous.

From that day on, that boy kept saying that I was his fiancée.

I tried to solve the misunderstanding, however, before I could do it, I was down with cold which led to pneumonia.

Then it was already too late…. Ryo completely thought that I was his fiancée.

I cried in a dual sense. That time.


After that, it was decided that I will continue to wear female clothing outside.

When I entered this school, I was still wearing it.

However, since my body was a man, it seemed that it began to affect me a little bit.

Since it felt so hot, I was lamenting about it in the garden by myself.

“What’s wrong?”

I turned to the direction of that soft voice and was surprised to see Yuki.

Red eyes with jet-black hair

There was only one person who had such hair colour in this school.

The hidden character, Shigeru Anra Yuki.

He was a dark attribute wizard, which will not appear unless you caught one character for ten times.

However, this Yuki was a woman.

I was surprised to see this irregular scene when that girl began to wipe the tears that gathered in my eyes.

“Do not cry so much. If not, this beautiful eyes will melt.”

At that moment, I had fallen in love with Yuki disregarding the soul of Yuri.


I should be able to enter the engagement with Yuki because this body belongs to a man.

But I really want Yuki to fall in love with me.

So I worked hard.

I invited her for a date, and since she knew about my own situation, I tried to make her felt conscious over the fact that I was a man…. Thank you very much my previous life’s boyfriend!!
Then, I decided to confess my feeling to her when I realized that I had fallen even more deeply in love with her and she accepted my confession.

I was so happy that I pushed her down without thinking and done the deed till the end…. Afterwards, I was down to a Dogeza as I asked for her forgiveness.

I was glad that I used a sound-proof tool in that empty classroom.

Ma~ Yuki murmured to herself that [If I can conceive a child with this one shot, then I can always be together with Rei] without any feeling of anger.

Rather, she kept inviting me, and because she looked so cute, I couldn’t stepped on my brake and did it for another five times.

Seeing that Yuki fainted during the last round, I knew that I had gone overboard and thus reflected on it.

I was still a student and she was still not my fiancée yet, therefore it will be dangerous if I impregnated her with my child, thus it was good that I could not do it at that time.


Even when the reincarnation heroine came, I ignored her as I continued to mess around with Yuki, I thought by doing this I could fit in.


And towards the marriage proposal from my house, the house of Shigeru Anra quickly made a follow up.

It was such a good timing.

I am not complaining, right now I can spend my time loving Yuki without worrying about anything.

I can also resolve that misunderstanding of that four-eyes.

What’s more, I can also return to my male appearances.

It was like killing three birds with one stone.

I was quite surprised that Yuki was also a reincarnate person


“They are aiming for my lovely fiancée!”

“It can’t be helped; for them, it is okay for us to marry in this world. Besides that, I also possessed the dark attribute.”


The dark attributes were rarer than the light attribute.

Therefore, for the sake of these two attributes, they were pursuing the marriage between the Heroine and Yuki.



“Yuki is mine.”

This was the fact.

I love Yuki.

That’s why I am unhappy.

Yuki softly smiled.

“I know. That’s why those idiots tried to renounce it. They tried to confine me with that woman and ordered us to make a child….”

I remember those words.

By the way, my older brother and sister as well as my younger brother and sister were better than me in magic.

So we will be okay.

The Shigeru Anra family was also the retainer of the royal family, so for sure we will be alright.

“Yuki, I love you.”

“Me too, Rei.”


Author note: Fujimiya was already been confined earlier.

Translator Note: Rei, you are such a beast ∑(ΦдΦlll  … Though it was so absurd, I decided to post it just for the sake it was a couple with the previous short story. oh well…


13 thoughts on “Genjitsuda to Nishiki shi teru Shojo (Rei perspective)

  1. *whistle* Much better relationship development that the last chapter. XD
    o_O Why in the world would some adults try to pair Yuki and Heroine? Unless they have some magic to get two women pregnant, it’s a weird train of thought.

    ‘Rather, she keep invited me,’
    she kept inviting me

    Thanks for the short story!

    Liked by 5 people

  2. thanks for the chapter 🙂

    uh? am i the only one doesnt really get it? the main heroine “character” supposed to be man, but become woman instead. the main hero is previously woman but becoming man instead, and the “story” heroine wants to married with main heroine?

    yeah i need a bit time to summarize that xD but its fine


    1. the main heroine was a woman, the main villianess was supposed to also be a woman and was supposed to be engaged to rypo, but due to some weird thing, they were actually a man, but were crossdressing the entire time. The secret character, yuki was supposed to be a man who you could unlock after completing a character 10 times. in this story, the villianess fell in love with yuki instead of ryo and the heroine wanted a reverse harem, so they ripped up their textbook but got found out. and also either they are a crossdressing couple, and they thought that yuki was a guy, or their science is advanced enough to allow surrogate mothers, or MAGIC!!! AS IT SOLVES ALL PROBLEMS!!!

      i really have no other explanation for it…

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  3. So.. If they are trying to pair yuki and the heroine it means yuki is also gender bender dressing up as a man? But if so, how did Rei knew Yuki is a girl when they first met? Or if not dressing up as a boy, what the heck trying to pair up to woman?? ლ(๏‿๏ ◝ლ)

    Anyway… Rei is such a beast!!! Omg!! Its funny i imgine the dogeza scene lol. Shameless! Doing a dogeza but repeating it for 5 times! And saying because Yuki was inviting him!

    Shameless! \(*T▽T*)/

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yuki is girl in this world as opposed to the Otome Game (where Yuki is a He and a hidden character), like how Rei is a man (albeit the cross dressing when he supposed to be the main villain girl of the game)… Oh well maybe there is magic that let two woman to conceived and the country don’t care about it as long as they can get the baby with power of darkness (Yuki) and light (heroine) but Rei sure will not hand her beloved away…


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