The Villainous Lady Aims to Overthrow the Heroine ~Fight!~ Chapter 3

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Author: Aska

Link: RAW


Third Episode: The Struggle of Shana Anthrium

Shana Anthrium’s pink hair which was hit by the wind swayed gently on her face. Although it feels a little bit cold on the top of the three-story school building, it is still quite tolerable. The day is getting late, and the sky has begun to change color and the gradation between blue and red slowly spreading over the sky.

“… …. Please let me apologize first. Just now, by chance, I overheard the conversation between Edward-san and Curtis-san. Therefore, please forgive me.”

“No, we are also feel bad for arbitrarily talking about the rumor in front of the person itself… honestly, I cannot see any sign of it at all.”

“Keeping a secret is one of my forte after all.”

“I never thought that everything can be solve using the heroine power.”

It is as expected because of Bell at that time….. To be able to generally do it. Syulein’s eyes focused on the dazzling beautiful evening. The heroine power really came with many ways to support them.

“…… So, since we are on the topic itself, as the person involved, can you tell me if it is true that you have been hospitalized for a week since the entrance ceremony?”

“Yes, it is so long that I feel embarrassed myself because of it … … but I do not need your sympathy or worry. It is due to my naivety that cause this to happen. I will not do such cowardly thing by trying to take advantages of other people weaknesses”

“……I see.”

Syulein nodded his head. He was surprised with the Shana’s inner strength. Right now, he accepted her explanation like it was a matter of course. Honestly, Syulein has been feeling kind of jealous towards this girl called heroine for the past seven years. That is why, if the heroine really exist in this school, he would like to say one complaint about it.

Nevertheless, the sight of her who is next to his fiancé has becoming more and more apparent. He do not know if it is because that girl resembled his most important person somewhere. Or, maybe because he found out that she is actually standing proud due to her own sheer efforts. Perchance, it might be also because the way she looked at Belfreya kindly. All of this might be the reason for his change of heart.

At least for Syulein, towards Shanna, he did not have any kind of bad feeling. Even though he was somewhat annoyed by the recent situation, he was not against that girl herself.

“Hey, Hero-…. Can I call you by your name?”

“He…. Ah, Umm….Yes. It is okay if it is here.”

“I see. Thank you. So…… Can you tell me Shana, why is that you are Bell’s rival?  Whether you are her [Heroine] or not, why are you making an effort for it?”

While looking at her wide eyes, Syulein asked about her conviction towards that matter. For him, rather than asking her the question as a heroine, he wanted to ask her straightforwardly instead; it is because he has already acknowledged that the individual in front of him is a person named Shana. As she reacted to the question, Shana began to show troubled expression.

And then, as if she was distressed by something, she smiled.

“So it is, isn’t it….? I cannot tell you the whole thing but is that okay with you?”

“A~a…. I am fine with that.”

“…… I think, the change started seven years ago. I am just like any other normal girl that you can find anywhere. I really love reading the picture book and I especially long to meet the prince on the white horse. Even nowadays, I am still yearning for it.”

Hearing the word [seven years ago] nearly shocked Syulein but he urged her to continue her story. Just now, when Fior was telling his story, he also mentioned the word seven years ago. And coincidentally, it was seven years ago, when he, Syulein first met Belfreya


It was seven years ago that Shanna Anthrium had made a fateful encounter. It might seemed like a coincidence, just as it was inevitable. That encounter changed the awareness and consciousness of the girl who was only 9 years old at that time. It was that encounter that encouraged her to make an effort and later decided to enter this school. From that encounter, she also learnt about Belfreya and all private information regarding Syulein and Fior.

That girl who was 9 years old at that time was out shopping in the city with her mother. Although their family is not well known, they are still within the middle class among the aristocrats. And instead of leaving the shopping errands to their servant, Shana’s mom especially enjoyed doing it as her hobby. Thus, Shana who are always following her mother around also went shopping with her at the city.

One day, as usual, she is on her way for another shopping trip. While walking along the street where many of aristocrats mansions lined up, Shana witnessed a person who is running so fast from the opposite direction. She was so surprised because that girl look similar in age as her. That girl is so beautiful and she look like a princess; with glowing golden hair that look like the sun that floats in the sky.

Such a beautiful child…….. Though she was full of sweat, yet her eyes shines vividly, and with all her might, she sprinted while shouting the war cry. To be frank it was that sort of an encounter.

“Overthrown–, Heroi—-ne!!”

The little girl run past Shana at a tremendous speed. It would be inevitable that she was paralyzed for a few seconds during the encounter. What is a heroine? She thought at the moment. And because she was not paying attention to her surrounding, she fell down to the ground. Her mother was so surprised by that and in her panic she took her to the hospital. Thus the first hospitalization record for Shana was born.

When Shana Anthrium finally gets up from the bed, she finally understood about herself and also that girl. When she remembered about her beloved prince who is in love with her, her face turned red. For the 9-year old girl, it is like an intense stimulus. However, when she remembered about that golden girl who passed her at that time, she quickly became calm. That person is her rival and she is called Belfreya Alunst.

Perhaps she also has the knowledge of this world just like me, Shana thought. Otherwise, the word [overthrown heroine] will never come out from her mouth. Despite that, Shana did not want to meet her who also has the knowledge of this world. Rather, there are two reasons that make Shana hesitates to meet Belfreya.

To begin with, the reason for her hesitation to meet her is very simple. Growing up, Shana began to realize that if she acted arbitrary, she might brought inconveniences to her family and house. It is because, in the aristocracy society, sometimes, the dispute between the aristocrat children does not end up merely as a skirmish between the children itself.

And most importantly, Belfreya was completely hostile towards her. If she were to see her, she might really totally got overthrown with that momentum. For 9-years-old Shana, it will be a one-off K.O. If she think about it carefully, even if she managed to avoid her now, she is likely to meet her in school in the future. Argh, it is like going around in circles. Shana could not help but feeling overwhelmed by it.

“Well, yes, first of all, you should know what kind of person Alunst-san is. I would like to make this world into a more otome-game-like rather than a fighting game! Therefore, let’s do our best so that we can bring this matter in a discussion.”

Even though both of them are rival, Shana does not like the fact that it may end up with an expulsion. Though the Belfreya in the game had voluntarily withdrawn from the school; she was still banish from it. However, since Belfreya had the knowledge about the game, then maybe they can end up as a friend. And because she was the heroine, the fact that she like Syulein Edward was also painfully transmitted

That’s why, Shana had spent her time watching the Alunst family. She went and watched that girl running around, stretching herself in hiding while that girl did stretching activities with Syulein who was holding her finger in [Manzai] (comedy duo act) position. To sum up, that is how their day continued.

And thanks to that, she able to grasp the character of Belfreya. She was relieved to learn that Belfreya is not a fighting character but instead only a hot-blooded one.

Yet, as the time goes on, another big trouble began to occur. That is the change of her own mindset. She had been watching Belfreya efforts all the time in the shadow, and she gradually began to cheer for her. It is strange for that girl who is making such efforts not to be rewarded…… what’s more with that kind of feeling.

However, when she began to calmly thought about the motive behind Belfreya’s power source  and delusion, cold sweats started to pour from Shana’ back.

“If it is like this … When Belfreya-san entered the school, if I am who is supposed to be the heroine is having too much of a miserable specs  … … would not that make me look pitiful?”

Towards that figure who shined brightly in front of her who is sitting in the shadow and hoping for her to become the fallen character; Shana vowed in her heart that she will never do such terrible thing.

Still, the heroine that is in Belfreya’s mind is someone who is an outrageous superhuman. A goddess. Shana was in the state of mind that she wanted to shout out loud [Someone, please stop her] to the people in front of her. Nevertheless the reality does not change.

So Shanna Anthrium come to a decision. As the so-called-heroine towards the rival character Belfreya Alunst, she needs to hone herself in order to fight directly with her using their specs. And this is for the sake of not being some kind of pathetic target unfitting for Belfreya’s delusion. Thus, Shana stand up straight and shouted [Aiming for heroine], while restraining the painful pressure on her stomach.

Incidentally, one month after her declaration, Shana was hospitalized for the second time. Still, despite the agony, she never give up. Her seven years was full of sweat and stomach pain. And she did all of this in order to satisfy Belfreya’s expectation.

“…… I cannot tell you the reason how I know that I am her Heroine, however, I hope that you will believe me when I told you that I have put my utmost effort on this!”

“Wait, please raise your head! It is myself who request this from you, therefore please raise your head! Well, how can I not care, you were admitted to the hospital before the school admission.”

“I truly regret missing my first encounter with Belfreya … … At that time, I was really worried whether I had managed to become the kind of Heroine worthy of Belfreya that I am unable to sleep at night. My stomach are also keep stinging that before I know, I was already on the bed in the hospital.
“Damn it, how bad is that actually?”

Thinking about Belfreya who was running wildly, Syulein heart was hurting; it might have been better if he tried to stop her delusion on the Heroine earlier on. The Heroine really make him who is the student council president (The worldly-wise man) seriously considering whether he should offer an apology to her or not.
“Hmm, if possible, I wish you will not tell Belfreya-san about this matter

“I will not. Rather I do not know what to say. As a matter of fact, it was the first time I heard about rival’s heroine who keep being admitted to the hospital.”

At the time of the prologue, the Heroine, in a sense was already been overthrown by the (former) villainous lady.

“I want to talk to you about this, I can no longer make any distinction. My beloved.”

“Ha~ Are you going to attack me Shana, for the sake of Bell…”

“……Well there is no other way but to think it like that, but it was nothing like that.”

Syulein suddenly sense that the atmosphere seems to change. Shana took three steps forward and close the distance between them. His hand seems to be able to reach her, but at the same time not. That is the kind of distance between the two of them.

“As I said earlier, I’ve been watching Belfreya-san for a long time … … and that also include you, Edward-san. Well, at first, I felt like you are really like the prince from the story and I think that you are really a cool guy. Then, I begin to realize why Belfreya-san had been working so hard; it is for the sake of that wonderful person.”

Since the beginning, Shana already know the information regarding to Syulein. However, it was knowing without really understanding it. That’s why when she first saw him at that time, she was shocked with surprised. And as she keep watching over him, she feel that he is even more attractive than [he] who is in her knowledge.

“I have a feeling of respect for you who is always trying to be independent and working hard in order to achieve it. You, who are being admired by many people, are shining so brightly. When I see your laughing face, I cannot help but feel encourage by it.  As a child, for a long time, I have always been longing to meet my prince…… I never thought that the time when I was separated from you would be so painful.”

For every half a year, Shana had conducted a reconnaissance on Belfreya’s specs, while suppressing herself who want to jump out to meet them every single time.  In regards to her budding love as well as her life goal; she felt that she had been stuck between the rock and the hard place. Despite the suffering; despite the days she spent hospitalized, she never appeared before them until she entered the school. And that is her ultimate pride.

Shana wiped away the tears that seemed to be overflowed in her eyes immediately with the back of her hand. This is her determination not to shed any tears. Her feeling, Belfreya’s feeling, Syulein’s feeling; to tell the truth, she understand all of it.


“As the rival for Belfreya-san, I have decided to aim to become the heroine. However, this is my life. Even though it was the lowest of me for aiming someone who already has a fiancé, but I just could not give up. I just want to experience a wonderful love. That’s why, the me who are trying to appeal herself to you…. is really genuine.”

Shana herself knew that her initial goal is to support Belfreya. Still, she did not want to end it while lying to her own feeling. That’s why she decided that she will no longer denied her own feeling. Therefore, when she entered the school, she wanted to fight fairly with Belfreya as her rival in love.

The struggle within herself is really coming to a close battle. At first she might have been swept in with her aim to become the “super human heroine”, however, all her accumulated efforts surely did not lie. This is all for the sake of the decisive battle with her rival in love. However, at the same time, for being able to meet the opponent who capable of contending with her polished skills, she could not help but feels happy from the bottom of her heart.

“Did you ever hate Bell, Shana?”

“There is no grudge between us. I am her rival, and she is also my life-time rival. In order for us to go against one another, this is the best rivalry ever.”

“What a things to say……. Woah, I feel like I had heard that line somewhere.”

Whether he found it amusing or whether he cannot help it, a gentle smile floated from Syulein’s face. When he showed that smile, it is always when he thought about his one precious person. Looking at the smile, Shana gave a small shrug and smiled as she convincingly said.

“A~a, it seems I also have been completely defeated by my rival in love.”


“At first, I told you that this will start to pick up…. aren’t I? And today I also told you that I would like you to hear me out, right? So, Edward-San, will you let me put an end towards my feeling of love myself?”

It can’t be helped that Shana felt bitter from being defeated. Those were the pains borne from unrequited love. Shana also knew that it will not be easy for her to overcome this pain because she, for sure, had fallen in love with Syulein. However, she also understand the meaning of her own word.

Shana knew that she had actually fallen in love with Syulein who is always with Belfreya. Because for her, the smile that graced Syulein’s face when he is looking over Belfreya is her favorite. Therefore, she felt like it will be wonderful if she can watched over the future of these two people.

Shana was smiling sincerely when Syulein nodded his head upon hearing her request.

“I, Shana Anthrium, really like you…… For you, who letting me know about the feeling of love, thank you very much.

With the enveloping softness and gleaming light, the moon is smiling quietly.


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    1. I dont feel aww, Im like bitch you saw how dedicated she was to her Prince and still u decided to try and seduce him from her?

      Rival or not, woman gtfo and learn your place lol, of course I understand what is happening, she probably did this more for Bel than for the Prince lol, that admiration respect and envy, drove her to such heights, what a self fulfilling prophecy that baka Bel instigated by going crazy mode training created.

      With this settled Im sure she can become Bels friend instead 😀 maybe a yuri flag can be raised…….

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  1. the heroine is a reguler patient in hospital and falling in love with syulein that love bell!!
    ukh her hardwork for becoming a rival for bell is really amazing! I respect her!
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  2. Seriously this feels refreshing! To have a non malicious but a beneficial rivalry is amazing! It is a rivalry not born out of hatred and such negativity but one that helps both to better themselves, to bring out their full potential! And though she did fall in love, she didn’t try to do anything underhanded, and bowed out, acknowledging her defeat. After all, even though you can’t choose who you fall in love with you can choose how you will act upon it, and she acted upon her love in a gracious manner.

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